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Thursday, August 3





Anyone had experience giving birth with a midwife? I think I might write a book. (In case it's not clear, my outrage is directed at the shoddy reasoning and "argumentation," not at homebirth advocates and midwives, who I applaud.)


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Body Mascot said...

My mother gave birth to both of my younger siblings at home, but not with a midwife's help. She had one of those old-school family doctors who still did house calls. I seem to remember that she did unofficially assist a couple of midwives during the home births of certain of her friends, at which I was also present. I remember being asked if I wanted to see the baby's head crowning and thinking, "What's the big deal? I saw this already at my house." It was a while before I learned that homebirths were not the norm. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that no one and nothing would keep me from giving birth when and how I want to when the time comes.


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