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Wednesday, February 27

Friday, November 30



I made her. Out of cheddar cheese.

Wednesday, March 14

Dreaming of Moustaches

Lately in dreams, I often discover I have grown a moustache. Rather, that the hair that grows naturally upon my upper lip and chin has unbeknownst to me grown several scraggly inches. Frequently my dreams feature me ducking quickly into a bathroom to locate a razor.

What can this mean? Probably just the obvious: I'm twelve weeks pregnant, and my, does my hair ever grow fast. Not that I shave my legs all that often (um, twice in 2007?), but when I do, it takes about three days before once again, I look like it's the end of swim season and I haven't shaved for months. You know, for the drag.

When you shave before that final meet, finally all the minute frictions you've accumulated over months are gone, and you slip through the water like a porpoise.

Tuesday, October 10

Self Portrait

Doing research for the dissertation, this morning I Google a strategic search term.

My own blog entry comes up on top.

Well, at least I won't be scooped.

I cringe when I read parts of it. I guess my politics have changed. I provide an example of that which I would like to critique.

Thursday, August 3





Anyone had experience giving birth with a midwife? I think I might write a book. (In case it's not clear, my outrage is directed at the shoddy reasoning and "argumentation," not at homebirth advocates and midwives, who I applaud.)